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Advice for Communication Managers Facing a Merger

For most communications managers in Corporate America, a merger is a rite of passage, and offers countless opportunities to test their professional skills. It’s also a test of their ability to adapt to change – both in the workplace and on the homefront. Continue reading

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How to Prepare an Executive for a Presentation

Chances are that your executive doesn’t even want to give this speech – he may be doing it as a personal favor to another executive, so it’s up to you to set a positive, professional tone for your initial speechwriting session. One way of doing so is to “set the stage” for your executive before you begin to talk about specific content. Continue reading

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When Did We Stop Caring About ‘Employee Engagement’?

Some may blame the poor economy for the fear and uncertainty that have had a negative effect on companies and employees alike. But according to research conducted by Veronica Hope Hailey, associate dean and professor of strategic human resource management at Cass Business School of City University in London, trust and engagement were iffy well before the recession. Continue reading

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New Tools to Cut Communications Clutter

Reducing communications clutter is a personal passion of mine — which is why I was particularly interested in two exhibitors from this year’s IABC World Conference, Media Tile and SnapComms. Continue reading

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How to Form an Internal Communications Council [Video]

July and August are traditionally slow months in Corporate America.  For many time-strapped employee communications professionals, summer is a welcome break, providing breathing room and time to assess and adjust for the second half of the year. It’s a time of … Continue reading

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The Red Mittens That United a Nation

I got my first glimpse of the red mittens on February 12, 2010 when the Canadian Olympic team marched into BC Place for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Little did I know that those cute red mittens represented a year-long program to unite Canadians behind their national athletes and claim the 2010 Winter Games as “Canada’s Games.” Continue reading

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Supporting Your Employees in the Aftermath of a Crisis

It would be interesting to hear what, if anything, BP is doing to sustain employee morale and help employees cope these days. Continue reading

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Micro-Blogging Goes Corporate

A handful of new internal micro-blogging services have been designed specifically for teams and internal audiences, providing employees with new ways to communicate and collaborate. Many of these services reside within the organization’s firewall to ensure security and privacy. Continue reading

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Give Your Social Media a Shot of Personality

Most large corporations take the same approach to social media as they do their traditional employee communications – generic, linear, and filled with conservative corporate speak. An organization’s cultural “voice” is rarely reflected in their employee communications. Continue reading

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Use Storytelling to Paint a Picture of Your Company’s Future

Companies are adopting storytelling techniques to communicate the organization’s vision and future state. Continue reading

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