Social Media Policy Development and Execution

Rink Strategic Communications, LLC develops social media policies for corporations and organizations.  We also help execute social media communications strategies for internal audiences, including wikis, blogs, and other online communications.

To learn more employee communications strategies, including ideas for using social media innovations for internal communications and employee engagement, contact Rink Strategic Communications (703) 856-5467.

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Social Media Resources for Communicators

Whether you are looking to begin your social media journey, or build upon your existing skill set, you can’t go wrong with these resources. Continue reading →

Micro-Blogging Goes Corporate

A handful of new internal micro-blogging services have been designed specifically for teams and internal audiences, providing employees with new ways to communicate and collaborate. Many of these services reside within the organization’s firewall to ensure security and privacy. Continue reading →

Give Your Social Media a Shot of Personality

Most large corporations take the same approach to social media as they do their traditional employee communications – generic, linear, and filled with conservative corporate speak. An organization’s cultural “voice” is rarely reflected in their employee communications. Continue reading →

Adopt a Social Media Code of Conduct

Companies should, at minimum, adopt a social media code of conduct that will provide guidelines for using social media on company time and on behalf of the organization. Continue reading →

Communicators, It’s Time to Board the Twitter Train

Some PR and HR professionals are quick to dismiss Twitter as a fad and something that has little relevance to the “business” of communications. I disagree. Continue reading →