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Effective management communications is key to productivity.  Rink Strategic Communications, LLC provides expert consultation for management-level communications strategies.

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Susan’s Blog Posts On Manager Communications

Advice for Communication Managers Facing a Merger

For communications managers in Corporate America, a merger is a rite of passage, and offers countless opportunities to test their professional skills. It’s also a test of their ability to adapt to change – both in the workplace and on the homefront. Continue reading →

Two-Way Communication Opens the Door to Innovation and Productivity

Front-line employees know where the company is wasting money, which processes are inefficient, and what the customers think about company policies and products. Managers need to find ways to gather that feedback and reward those employees who have ideas for driving business, reducing costs and improving service. Continue reading →

Just Say No to Bad Employee Meetings

Think about how much money is wasted every day on unproductive meetings. Continue reading →

Think About the “Whys”

Managing people is a lot like managing a political campaign – managers try to build support for their ideas and rally groups of people to accomplish a common goal. And like politicians, managers often find themselves having to support or defend a decision or action made by someone else. Continue reading →