Executive Communications

Strategic employee communications is more important than ever in this challenging economic environment. Learn how internal communicators can build trust in their company’s or organization’s leadership, with help from Rink Strategic Communications, LLC.

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How to Prepare an Executive for a Presentation

Chances are that your executive doesn’t even want to give this speech – he may be doing it as a personal favor to another executive, so it’s up to you to set a positive, professional tone for your initial speechwriting session. One way of doing so is to “set the stage” for your executive before you begin to talk about specific content. Continue reading →

Get Your Corporate Culture Here

To fix a culture, you have to start from within and assess every aspect of your company: people, processes, products and public image. What’s more, you have to be committed to taking bold actions to address any aspect that is out of sync.
Continue reading →

The Future Leadership Crisis

To counteract a projected shortage of leadership in the near future, companies must act quickly, identifying and nuturing potential leaders within their existing workforce. Continue reading →

This Fall, Tell Your Executive to Hit the Road

Chances are, most employees are keeping their head down and praying that they survive the next round of layoffs.

It’s time to break this cycle of fear and negativity, time to re-energize the workforce and get them focused on their role getting the company back on track and into the black. Continue reading →

Time to Eradicate Sports Talk from Business Communications

But with an increasingly diverse workforce, and more women in the workplace than ever before, sports talk accomplishes the exact opposite outcome, highlighting differences rather than establishing rapport. Instead of a sense of belonging, these stories put up barriers between the speaker and the audience. Continue reading →

Executive Communications in Times of Crisis

When times are tough, leaders need to avoid retreating behind corporate speak and platitudes; instead they must treat their employees as if they owned the business and provide them with a clear view of the challenges ahead. Continue reading →

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