Employee Engagement

Employee engagement companies are integral to your organization’s communications strategy.  View this video, then talk to Rink Strategic Communications (703) 856-5467 about how to engage your employees to achieve your business goals.

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Employee All-Hands Meetings – The Zappos Way

Regardless of your company’s culture, I believe there are best practices from the Zappos Family All-hands meeting that can be applied to your workplace. All you need to do is tap into your company’s culture and find ways to replicate your culture in the tone and content of your meetings.  Continue reading →

When Did We Stop Caring About ‘Employee Engagement’?

Some may blame the poor economy for the fear and uncertainty that have had a negative effect on companies and employees alike. But according to research conducted by Veronica Hope Hailey, associate dean and professor of strategic human resource management at Cass Business School of City University in London, trust and engagement were iffy well before the recession. Continue reading →

Supporting Your Employees in the Aftermath of a Crisis

It would be interesting to hear what, if anything, BP is doing to sustain employee morale and help employees cope these days. Continue reading →

Use Storytelling to Paint a Picture of Your Company’s Future

Companies are adopting storytelling techniques to communicate the organization’s vision and future state. Continue reading →

Employee Communications Should Never be an Afterthought

In times of change and challenge, executives need to approach employee communications with the same level of care and professionalism as they do customer communications and media relations. Continue reading →

New Messages for a New Year

The best companies, particularly those that make the “Best Companies to Work For” listing each year, are characterized by employees who are intellectually and emotionally invested in the business. Continue reading →

Random Acts of Employee Celebration

The holiday season brings a whole new level of complexity to the workplace, with employers struggling to balance recessionary frugality with celebration, diversity awareness with the traditions of Christmas. Continue reading →

Make Your Vision Statement Employee-Friendly

For several decades now, business school graduates have spent countless hours crafting far-reaching, aspirational vision statements to guide their company’s growth and expansion. But the language of traditional vision statements, with phrases such as “best in class,” “global,” “industry-leading” and “superior products and services” seem archaic to today’s workforce. Continue reading →

The Importance of Listening

In times of change, when communicators are focused on getting information out to their employees, listening is often forgotten entirely. Continue reading →

This Fall, Tell Your Executive to Hit the Road

Chances are, most employees are keeping their head down and praying that they survive the next round of layoffs.

It’s time to break this cycle of fear and negativity, time to re-energize the workforce and get them focused on their role getting the company back on track and into the black. Continue reading →

Hidden Messages in Your Employee Publication

The content of your employee publication, whether it is a printed monthly magazine (and I’m sure those have been slashed in the current economic environment), a bi-weekly email compendium, or a daily intranet homepage, reflects the role you expect your employees to play in the company’s success. Continue reading →

Executive Communications in Times of Crisis

When times are tough, leaders need to avoid retreating behind corporate speak and platitudes; instead they must treat their employees as if they owned the business and provide them with a clear view of the challenges ahead. Continue reading →

Internal Communications to Cure a Toxic Culture

Employee communication is just one component of cultural change and change management. In order to be successful, cultural change must be approached holistically, driven by senior leaders, reinforced by the management layer and sustained by a system of recognition and rewards to drive the new behaviors. Continue reading →

Handling Tough Questions From Employees

Before answering a tough question from employee, take a minute to think about what motivated the question. In many instances, the employee isn’t looking for an immediate solution – just an acknowledgement that his/her concerns are valid and that the company cares. Continue reading →

Bridging the Credibility Gap with Employee Communications

Companies that truly value their employees demonstrate their high regard by treating their employees like adults, like valued business partners. Continue reading →

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