Change Management

Rink Strategic Communications, LLC can help you communicate about change in the workplace.  In this video, Susan Rink shares five essential tips for effectively communicating to employees about changes in the organization and the workplace.

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The Importance of Listening

In times of change, when communicators are focused on getting information out to their employees, listening is often forgotten entirely. Continue reading →

Think About the “Whys”

Managing people is a lot like managing a political campaign – managers try to build support for their ideas and rally groups of people to accomplish a common goal. And like politicians, managers often find themselves having to support or defend a decision or action made by someone else. Continue reading →

Once the Layoffs Are Done, It’s Time to Focus on the Survivors

In the aftermath of a layoff period, many managers fail to recognize that their remaining employees aren’t ready to jump right back into “business as usual.” Continue reading →

What to Tell Employees When You Don’t Have All the Answers

The first communication should set the stage for future updates and reinforce a commitment to communicate frequently as more information becomes available. Continue reading →