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Employee Communicators Know How to Keep It Simple

As employee communicators, we are often tasked with taking something unbelievably complicated and breaking it down into terms that all employees can understand. Continue reading

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Employee All-Hands Meetings – The Zappos Way

Regardless of your company’s culture, I believe there are best practices from the Zappos Family All-hands meeting that can be applied to your workplace. All you need to do is tap into your company’s culture and find ways to replicate your culture in the tone and content of your meetings.
Continue reading

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Advice for Communication Managers Facing a Merger

For most communications managers in Corporate America, a merger is a rite of passage, and offers countless opportunities to test their professional skills. It’s also a test of their ability to adapt to change – both in the workplace and on the homefront. Continue reading

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How to Prepare an Executive for a Presentation

Chances are that your executive doesn’t even want to give this speech – he may be doing it as a personal favor to another executive, so it’s up to you to set a positive, professional tone for your initial speechwriting session. One way of doing so is to “set the stage” for your executive before you begin to talk about specific content. Continue reading

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