Social Media Resources for Communicators

My social media journey began 10 months ago, when I jumped feet-first into the world of blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and the like. 

And while my level of comfort with this new and ever-evolving medium continues to grow, I’m still amazed by the sheer volume of social media information available to me.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

There are, however, a few established and credible resources that any communicator would find extremely useful.  These resources, unlike many of the so-called “social media gurus,” offer their expertise simply to build the social media community.  Their tips and updates are geared toward all levels of social media experience.

For me, the most useful resource is  I follow them on Twitter (@mashable) both for the excellent info, and for the fact that their gravatar looks just like Colin Farrell.  (Yeah, I’ll admit it…)

In addition to a library of comprehensive and easy-to-use “how to” guides on their website, Mashable offers product reviews and shares research and statistics about social media usage by consumers and in companies and non-profits.  If you are limited to one resource for social media information and tips, this would be the one I recommend.

Another great resource is Social Media Today, which bills itself as “The Web’s Best Thinkers on Social Media and Web 2.0.” The site’s “Social Media School” is a great starting point for basic skills and information, and their bloggers share tips and information for more experienced social media users.

For communicators looking for access to free social media webinars and training, there is no better resource than Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University, which features an online curriculum of 16 webinars led by marketing experts.  But Hubspot isn’t limited to online classes; their website offers free ebooks, an online forum and HubspotTV, an informative weekly video podcast.

Whether you are looking to begin your own social media journey, or build upon your existing skill set, you can’t go wrong with these resources.  Check them out!


About Susan Rink

Susan C. Rink is president and owner of Rink Strategic Communications, LLC ( and presenter of the "Take Note" podcast series (
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