New Messages for a New Year

Ahh, January. 

You come back from the holiday break (assuming that you actually took time off) and, in a matter of days, you find yourself hip-deep in planning meetings, product launches and goal-setting for the first quarter, while still closing out last year.

If that were not stressful  enough, your boss just told you that the CEO read a bunch of stories about employee retention over the holiday, and wants to know how you plan to prevent a mass exodus when the economy turns.

Step away from the “Reply” button and take a deep breath.

In these situations, some employee communicators would gather their staff around for an emergency meeting, and brainstorm a superficial employee rah-rah campaign, complete with gimmicky catch phrases and goofy giveaways.

Unfortunately, that solution doesn’t address the real problem of why employees might be flight risks. 

After all, most credible studies show that employee retention is driven by an understanding of, and connection with, a company’s mission and goals.  The best companies, particularly those that make the “Best Companies to Work For” listing each year, are characterized by employees who are intellectually and emotionally invested in the business.

So before you invest in a dozen pallets of “Shoot Down the Competition” Nerf guns, think about the information you share with your employees on an ongoing basis – via the intranet, broadcast emails, executive speeches, etc.

In most companies the Marketing and PR teams have a standard set of key messages that describe the company’s focus, business offerings and competitive strengths. 

But what about internal messages?  Do you have specific phrases or messages that you use internally to describe your business and culture?  If so, when was the last time you updated them?

January is a great time to dust off those key messages and refocus your communications around them.

The good news?  You’ll have plenty of opportunities to reinforce those messages in the coming weeks.


About Susan Rink

Susan C. Rink is president and owner of Rink Strategic Communications, LLC ( and a partner in Triple Play Consulting.
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