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Add Life to Your Employee Publication with Great Photos

Most organizations can’t afford to have a crew of professional photographers on the payroll. They rely on their internal staff or staff at remote locations to provide photographs for their publications. As a result, the images in their employee publications or on intranet home pages are flat and lifeless, they add no value to the publication.
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Just Say No to Bad Employee Meetings

Think about how much money is wasted every day on unproductive meetings. Continue reading

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Leaders Behaving Badly

Whether you are dealing with a warehouse explosion, a massive hurricane or an executive caught with her hand in the cookie jar, the same rules apply: respond quickly, get in front of the story, and give equal weight to communicating to internal and external audiences. Continue reading

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This Fall, Tell Your Executive to Hit the Road

Chances are, most employees are keeping their head down and praying that they survive the next round of layoffs.

It’s time to break this cycle of fear and negativity, time to re-energize the workforce and get them focused on their role getting the company back on track and into the black. Continue reading

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