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Time to Eradicate Sports Talk from Business Communications

But with an increasingly diverse workforce, and more women in the workplace than ever before, sports talk accomplishes the exact opposite outcome, highlighting differences rather than establishing rapport. Instead of a sense of belonging, these stories put up barriers between the speaker and the audience. Continue reading

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Predicted Swine Flu Outbreaks Will Test Crisis Plans

Take time now to review your business continuity and crisis communications plans. Reach out to your counterparts in HR and make sure there is a policy in place for swine flu-related call-outs. Set up a phone number that your employees can call into to hear a recorded message about building closures and alternate work locations. Most importantly, let your employees know that the company is taking these preparations seriously. Continue reading

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Hidden Messages in Your Employee Publication

The content of your employee publication, whether it is a printed monthly magazine (and I’m sure those have been slashed in the current economic environment), a bi-weekly email compendium, or a daily intranet homepage, reflects the role you expect your employees to play in the company’s success. Continue reading

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Executive Communications in Times of Crisis

When times are tough, leaders need to avoid retreating behind corporate speak and platitudes; instead they must treat their employees as if they owned the business and provide them with a clear view of the challenges ahead. Continue reading

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Once the Layoffs Are Done, It’s Time to Focus on the Survivors

In the aftermath of a layoff period, many managers fail to recognize that their remaining employees aren’t ready to jump right back into “business as usual.” Continue reading

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